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Smile Designing
The increasing demand and limited awareness among people to go for cosmetic dental makeovers overnight, has resulted in loss to many patients. Single visit cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening/bleaching, laminates, veneers, gum surgeries (gingivectomy), enameloplasty/tooth shaping etc. makes people feel good, and smile more often for no apparent reason at all., but knowing the after effects of these cosmetic procedures would definitely get you thinking... whether to smile for no reason for sometime or for lifetime!!
Smile Makeover
Smile designing or Smile Makeover is an art which involves much more than just to restore a tooth with cap or crown, Dental Laminates, veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontic braces etc. Science plays an important role. The size of laminates vary for every tooth and for every individual. It also depends on your face outlook i.e. whether your face is round, oval, long, short, whether you have short, long, wide or narrow teeth, rotated or tilted teeth, visibility of upper or lower teeth, lower front teeth hitting on the upper front teeth and causing wearing of lower front teeth etc. These are some of the ideal situations indicated for braces whereas laminates are more or less indicated only for permanent stains and other tooth surface irregularities like chalky enamel, fractured tooth etc. So, an Orthodontist, also called a Smile Architect, should be the first choice of consultation when it comes to any kind of smile makeover or smile designing.
Dental Laminates
Dental Laminates essentially are a thin ceramic / porcelain covering for permanent yellow / brown stains e.g flouride stains, chipped / fractured tooth, it's a specialized and a conservative procedure. Again, are you the right candidate? A Dental Laminate is a wonderful substitute for a cap / crown. It requires about 75 % less cutting of your teeth as compared to a cap / crown. Technically it requires not more than 0.5 mm of tooth structure to be removed and only from the front surface of the tooth, whereas a tooth cap requires a minimum of 1.5 mm of tooth surface reduction from all sides of the tooth. Also a tooth prepared for a tooth cap / crown mostly needs to undergo a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (RCT), thereby leaving the tooth dead and devoid of nutrient supply through blood and hence making it weak with time.

The cost for caps and Dental Laminates are comparable but with the additional charges for unwanted Root Canal Treatment, in case of caps. So you end up paying more and gain less !
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