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Kids Care
Paediatric Dentists, also called Pedodontists, advice timely dental care which may prevent many teeth problems as the child grows.
Dental check-up in children
should begin from the day when first tooth erupts in the mouth and every six months thereafter. Looking for Pedodontist in Delhi or child dental specialist, we have on our panel. Paediatric dentist or Pedodontists are the children's dentist and a separate dental speciality for kids. The pedodontist can well diagnose and plan dental treatment in the most preventive and interceptive way so as to minimize the dental problems Milk teeth in children shed off making way for permanent teeth. Any delay or early fall of these milk teeth may lead to misaligned jaws and teeth and hence may require braces in future. Timely management of such problems by consulting a paediatric/children's dentist can avoid braces in future.
Dental care in Infants
In infants most common problem seen is all teeth wearing down and appear black called Rampant caries. To avoid this common clinical condition paediatric dentists advice as follows:
  • Do not let the baby sleep with milk bottle in mouth.
  • Always serve water after milk feeding to avoid caries in milk teeth.
  • Sweet and sticky food should be served during their regular meals as sweet, fried or sticky food tends to remain on tooth surface for longer duration leading to decay which gets washed away while eating regular meals.
Orthodontic Check-up
Is advised at the age of 6-7 yrs by an Orthodontist. The benefit to see an orthodontist at so early age is that in some cases, the developing problems can be prevented or intervened specially for skeletal problems and this may avert extractions, surgical probabilities. A dedicated and world's most sophisticated orthodontic software, Dolphin Imaging is used at BRACES to simulate after/post treatment results before the treatment is actually commenced so that the patient can take timely decision regarding their treatment like extractions of teeth, surgeries etc. If you are looking for an Orthodontist in Delhi, BRACES is a specialized centre for any type of orthodontic braces like Invisible braces, ceramic braces, clear aligners, Mouth guards, habit breaking appliances, trainers, space maintainers etc.
Right age for braces
Usually braces are fixed once all milk teeth have fallen and permanent teeth have erupted. Braces in children can be started at earlier time in few cases for clinical/non- clinical conditions like space management, bite correction, bite jumping, bunny teeth crowded/spaced out teeth, habits, breathing patterns etc.
Few conditions, if noticed, may require immediate consultation with an orthodontist:
  • Milk teeth have not fallen but their permanent successors are erupting.
  • Teeth are not straight but crowded/crooked or gap between them.
  • More than 3mm, horizontal/vertical overlap of lower front teeth by upper front teeth.
  • Lips not meeting or abnormally positioned.
  • Chin appearance and many more
If the following habits are noticed in a kid, immediate consultation, both with Paediatric dentist and an Orthodontist, is advised:
  • Thumb/Lip sucking
  • Breathing with mouth open, while sleeping or awake, snoring (adults also).
  • Any event of fall/injury with impact on face.
Twice daily/after every meal and rinsing with water for 10 seconds.

Pediatric dentists are well trained to understand and manage teeth problems in children which may be a task for other dentists. They well understand the psychological and physiological behavior of kids. Treating children forcefully or unpleasant previous dental clinic visits make children vulnerable and avoid dental clinic visits. Pediatric dentists so advice friendly and playful approach.

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